How to fill FPSC Challan Form Guide


Fill FPSC Challan Form

Are you going to apply in Federal Public Service Commission Job? And you want a basic guideline how to Apply and Fill the FPSC Challan Form? You are on right place.

Recently one of my friend applied for the Post of Fiance Manager and He followed the way given below to fill FPSC Challan Form.

  1. Goto FPSC Website
  2. Download Challan Form ( Download Here
  3. Print Challan form in Legal Document (Recommended)
  4. FPSC Challan form has four copies (One for Bank, One for FPSC, One for Treasury and One for Candidate)

Every copy has 9 Fields to be filled in FPSC Challan Form

fpsc challan form filled example

  1. First field is for Bank Name
  2. Then Bank Branch Code
  3. Bank's Branch District
  4. Your Name
  5. Your CNIC
  6. Case No. (i.e: 84/2018-R)
  7. Post Name (Vacancy Title you are Applying for)
  8. Challan Amount in Digits
  9. Challan Amount in Alphabets


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