Documents Required for Green Card 2018


Documents required for Green Card

Do you wish to apply for a green card, USA? Well, everyone dreams to be a US green card holder, because of the pampered environment offered over there. Benefits of green card USA are admired all over the world. For any category of the green card, there are some requirements, which could differ on the basis of its type. Many people search a lot and go through a great trouble when they apply for green card USA. This is sometimes because they do not provide complete documents.

Here we are going to share the list of documents that you must possess to get US green card, the following documentation is necessary in order to fulfill your dream of getting a green card.

Requirements for the green card USA

Availability of visa

Visa is one of the basic requirement in order to apply for the green card. In some cases, a visa is available at any time whereas in others, due to the restrictions and policies you might have to wait for it. Whatever is the case, availability of visa is necessary for green card application.

Authorized document of employment

EAD or employment authorization document is needed when one is applying for the green card, this is because US government never welcome you as a burden, they ask you to prove yourself eligible for employment over there and this is done with the help of EAD.

Affidavit or supporting document

In some cases, when you are being sponsored by someone, you need an affidavit of support, in which the person who is sponsoring you undertakes your responsibility and disclose the financial means as per the requirement of US law.

A document of Public Charge

Public charge is when US government supports someone in the terms of money, immigrants are often asked to prove that they are not getting their green card to become a public charge for the US government.


Those children who cross the age of 20 and become an adolescent during the process of immigration can get their green cards under their parent’s status through CSPA. Child status protection act is specially offered by the US government for these types of children.


Approval of green card USA application is a great dream for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a green card in the USA. The above-listed documents will help you out in getting your application approved easily, as they are required by the US government.



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