Documents Required for Indian Passport in United States


Indian Passport in USA

If you are from the USA and looking for the proper guidelines and a list documents needed for Indian passport, you are standing here at the right place. Other than a few essential documents, you may need to provide a few additional ones based on the passport service availed. All the documents are submitted to your jurisdiction’s CKGS Application Center.

Following is the list of documents you need in this scenario. However, it is suggested to have a checklist printed in this regard. The reason is that it will help you to keep track of the required documents, making the things somewhat easier for you. Make sure to arrange all the documents in the same order as listed in the checklist. 

Application Form for Indian Passport

The first and foremost thing you need in this scenario is an application form. You can download it online and take a print. Fill it after reading each and every sentence very carefully. 

  1. Copy of Nationality Verification Form
  2. Passport
  3. Color Photographs
  4. Return Envelop

Copy of Nationality Verification Form

You need a copy of Nationality verification form and attach a photograph with it too. In case of stolen, damaged or lost passport, the requirements are a bit different. You need to attach eight copies of this form instead of one. 


You need to attach the original passport with it. The photocopies of first five current passport pages and last two pages are required. Make sure to attach the previous passport in case your passport is no more than five years old. 

Color Photographs

You need to enclose three photographs (with white background) with the application form. If the expiry period of your passport is more than three years, you need to attach the eight photographs with it. Where to attach these photos? The first photo you need to paste on the first page of application form you downloaded online. There is a proper space for it to be pasted. The second photograph must be affixed on Verification form of Nationality. All the rest photos must be attached or stapled on the application form’s last page. 

Return Envelop

The last but not the least thing is self-addressed USPS express return envelope. You need to enclose it along with other documents if and only if you want the passport returned to you by mail.

The most sensible choice is to get the passport before time, no matter for what reason you need it because the process may take time for completion.


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