Documents Required for Indian Passport in UK


Indian Passport in UK

Many people from the UK wish to travel to India for various reasons. In this regard, the first and foremost thing you need is Indian Passport. If you are one of the UK citizens looking for guidelines to get Indian passport, you are standing here at the right place.

The most sensible choice is to get the passport on time, no matter for what reason you need it because the process may take time for completion. You may need a new Indian passport or need to reissue it.


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Application procedure for new Indian passport 

  1. The first thing you need is obviously the Indian passport application form. You may download it from the website of the consulate. 
  2. The second thing you need is two passport sized photographs (35mm x 45mm). Assure the white background for both photographs you need to attach with application form. You may choose to attach the attested photos however it isn’t necessary at all.
  3. Other documents required for this purpose are Proof of Date of Birth, Proof of address, Educational proof (If any).  
  4. Make sure to enclose recently or currently expired passport with the application form.
  5. The fee may vary depending on the type of passport you need, i.e., regular passport (consisting of 36 pages) or the other option is 60-page passport. 

However, the procedure may vary if your passport was expired a year ago. In this scenario, you need all the documentation for new Indian passport in addition to an affidavit confirming that you haven’t attained the British Nationality. Moreover, you need to have a letter confirming the same from British Home Office. 

Indian Passport for UK Born Children

If you require an Indian passport for the UK born children, the process may vary in this case. Make sure the birth of your child has already been registered within one year from the birth date.

If you are done with the registration of your childbirth at Consular Section of High Commission, you need to attach a copy of it with the rest of the documents for its confirmation. There is normally a fee charged for this registration which is around £15.

Many people believe that the name of the children can be entered in their passport, but this isn’t the reality as you require a new passport for your children. In this scenario, you need the following documents. 

  1. New passport application form.
  2. Original passports of both parents.
  3. Identical photographs of passport size – 4.
  4. A full version of the birth certificate of the child.


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